We believe that the free software movement is the most important cultural predecessor to the modern-day renaissance in decentralized technologies.

To catalyze the growth of this nascent ecosystem, and to empower hackers all over the world to participate, we’re building a comprehensive suite of blockchain-oriented developer tools in the spirit of the Unix Philosophy.

Powerful things happen when like-minded people connect. We build infrastructure for the next generation of the internet.


Product development

Work closely with one of the most senior teams in the field of decentralized applications to develop your whole system from the ground up.

Or engage us to help integrate your existing processes into today’s emerging technologies. We live in the era of cryptographic hashes.

Code reviews

The field of decentralized applications is one of the most challenging security environments in computing. If you are serious about reaching the necessary standard of quality, we can perform a thorough review of your smart contracts.

Please note: If you are working against an aggressive deadline, we are not the right team to review your code.


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